Embroidery is one of the best and most professional ways to advertise your brand on apparel.

Embroidery is a method in which garments are decorated with a needle and thread. Thread is stitched through the material in a way that presents text, an image or a logo on the garment. It can be done both by hand or machine, we use state of the art industrial embroidery machines to do all of our embroidering.

Our embroidery machine takes designs from an attached computer and sews them into garments to match the specifications of the design. The process begins with the design being converted from typical computer image formats such as JPEGs or PDFs into an embroidery-specific digital format that maps out each stitch. This process is known as digitising and incurs a setup cost. Once digitised, the file can be loaded in the embroidery machine on the computer attached to the embroidery machine. The garments are setup and attached to the machine and the thread colours are assigned. After that, the embroidery begins and starts threading needles through each specified stitch on the digitised embroidery file.

Our embroidery machines take designs from computer files and sew them into material to match the specifications of the file. This process starts when the design, which you would send to us in a standard computer image file such as a JPEG or a PDF, is converted into an embroidery-specific file format that maps out each individual stitch. This process is called “digitising” and incurs a setup fee.

Once digitised, the design can be loaded through a computer into the embroidery machine. Thread colours are assigned and the garments are setup for production and attached to the machine. The embroidery can then begin, and the machine begins threading needles through each stitch that has been mapped out in the digitised embroidery file.

Embroidery is perfect for polos, outerwear, business shirts, hats and more. Embroidery gives your garments a very professional and high quality look, making it perfect for corporate apparel.


There are quantity based discounts on all high volume orders.

Pricing is dependant on a number of things: setup, colours, design size, garment and quantity. Because of this, we cannot provide a pricing structure for large quantity jobs and must quote prices from job to job.

Turnaround Time

We cannot guarantee that our shirts will be done within any period of time, but if you provide us a deadline we will try our best to work towards it.

To be safe, you would want to ensure that your order is made 2 weeks before your deadline.

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